What Would…

What Would a Climate-Just World Look Like?

A climate-just world is one in which people would no longer be at the mercy of a handful of wealthy people, politicians, or corporate leaders who lobby for legislation that benefits profit margins at the expense of society.  A climate-just world is one in which communities everywhere have increased control over their food, water, living conditions, means of personal fulfillment, and economic opportunity.  A climate-just world is one with repaired ecosystems and wholesome habitats for the diverse species that also have a right to life on this planet.  A climate-just world is one in which we shift our anthropocentric view and analyze our values, beliefs, and reasons for our actions.  Once we understand why the world is the way it is now, we will be able to begin the healing process that will reverse the damage we have done.  Responsible institutions should be abandoning the old order and leading the way.