It’s Complicated

Those who seek to obfuscate the truth often hide behind the claim, ‘It’s complicated,’ when in truth it is simple. At other times, the truth may be hidden behind the claim that, ‘It’s simple,” when in fact it is quite complex. Especially in matters pertaining to money, things are both simple and complex, depending upon the question and the mindset of the questioner.

When one does something with financial gain as the primary motive, and one is willing to comprise their values in the process, the question of ‘why’ can be avoided with the statement, ‘It’s complicated.’ Yes, how money has trained people to suppress their ethical values – that which makes them human – and instead opt for pure profit, is quite a complicated matter.

When money is valued more than life, things get complicated. But when life is valued more than money, everything becomes simple.

When students ask their teachers and mentors to teach them how to live justly in the world, caring for one another and for all of life, “How can you choose to own companies that are destroying the possibility of a bright future?”, the inability to answer that question with simple truth and candor makes their teachers and leaders hide behind the claim that it is ‘too complicated’ to explain.